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Hiroyuki Uryuu
Representative Director

Tateshi Tsujikawa

We Specialize in the Areas of Hazardous Substances, Deleterious Substances and Pharmaceutical Products Sanwa Soko: A Comprehensive Logistics Services Coordinator

We are profoundly grateful for your continuing patronage of Sanwa Soko. In May 1950, the transport and warehousing department of chemical manufacturer Nippon Soda Co., Ltd was separated and incorporated as Sanwa Soko Co., Ltd. Since then, Sanwa Soko has been engaged in the logistics industry including warehousing and transport services. In particular, handling hazardous substances, poisonous and deleterious substances and pharmaceutical products are our areas of specialty and our core services. We provide our customers with optimal logistics services through our facilities equipped with the most sophisticated features, making use of full knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, many years of expertise and experience, and extensive know-how under the motto of safety and reliability.

As all industries have been undergoing rapid global changes in recent years, the logistics industry plays an increasingly important role. In such an ever-changing business environment, we always look ahead of the times and promote the construction of a high-quality logistics system to respond to our customers’ various requests in a timely manner. At the same time, we make every effort to improve our online information service system and offer total services to our customers. We actively solve safety and environmental problems as well. Sanwa Soko is an ISO 9001 certified company and all of our distribution centers have acquired Green Management certification. We have established a Compliance Committee to ensure that our corporate activities are in compliance with laws, regulations and corporate ethics. We also accurately and appropriately enhance internal control according to our fundamental policies.

Sanwa Soko will remain committed to promoting CSR activities on a company-wide basis to be a company that grows along with society. Based on our corporate philosophy, we will work to satisfy our customers’ diverse demands, provide high-quality and safe logistics services and contribute to the construction of a wealthier society. We hope that you will continue to choose Sanwa Soko as your preferred logistics services provider.

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