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Transport (Delivery)

We have a fleet of various vehicles for nationwide delivery services. We can satisfy a diverse range of customer needs.

Transport (Delivery)

Along with warehousing services, transport services that take full advantage of our mobility and that aim to promote efficiency as much as possible are among our core business activities. Our transport services can handle a variety of goods and materials including hazardous substances, poisonous and deleterious substances and pharmaceutical products. We offer small cargo transport services with optimal costs and delivery times, using forwarders with powerful networks in each region. We provide meticulous large cargo transport services using Sanso Unyu Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of our transport business, and partner companies that have contract with our offices.

Sansou Unyu Co., Ltd.
Since its fleet includes liquid transport vehicles, large and small trucks, and many other vehicles, Sanso Unyu can promptly satisfy customer needs. Their hazardous substances transport service in particular is highly evaluated by customers because experienced professional drivers with expert knowledge are assigned to the job.
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