Sanwa Soko Co., Ltd

Warehousing and cargo receiving /
shipping services

Our specialists with expert knowledge safely and securely handle cargo in well-managed facilities.


We take advantage of our many years of experience and skills and employ optimal management methods to look after our customers' various materials and goods designated by laws or regulations and products that require temperature control, including hazardous substances, poisonous and deleterious substances and pharmaceutical products. We make use of our own distribution network to cover nationwide distribution services.
We support our customers’ distribution strategies by preparing inventory certificates and cargo receiving/shipping reports on request. Our clients can trace the flow of their products with these documents.

Cargo receiving / shipping services

We receive and ship out customers’ products in a quick and timely manner. We handle goods in various forms including liquid products requiring bulk transport by liquid transport vehicles and small items such as samples that need to be put in packets.
At each of our warehouses, the administrative and warehouse staff use wireless devices or other communication tools to share detailed information about the movement of cargo so the storage facility operates in an integrated and consistent manner. We have established a double-check system in which a staff member carries out picking work according to the shipping process manual and another worker examines the goods that the first worker has picked up.

Total Logistics Solutions

1. EDI
An ideal logistics system enabling both customers and Sanwa Soko to significantly simplify conventional manual procedures.

2. Extracting shipment data from attachments to emails
Shipment list (text or csv) in email attachment can be automatically incorporated in Sanwa Soko's inventory management system. This is the easiest system to introduce, requiring no expertise.

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