Sanwa Soko Co., Ltd

Import and Export

We have a wealth of experience and know-how related to imports and exports.
We cover a series of tasks with convenient highly integrated services.

Import and Export

Sanwa Soko is an authorized operator of hazardous substances warehouses. In addition, our Yokohama, Kawasaki and Chiba Offices have permission to operate bonded storage facilities. These offices are ideal for use as a base to export hazardous goods and materials because customs clearance procedures can be conducted within their bonded storage areas, as well as vanning or transfer of customs-cleared goods (foreign cargo) to container yards or container freight stations.
We can provide the following tasks related to imports and exports.

  • Making bookings for ships on behalf of cargo owners
  • Conducting importing and devanning processing of domestic cargo after the completion of customs clearance (at all of our offices)
  • We can load cargo directly to trucks (devan on truck) at a loading bay on the same day as unloading (devanning) the cargo from containers. In this case, the cargo is not warehoused.

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