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Sanso Unyu has a fleet of various vehicles for nationwide delivery services. They can satisfy a diverse range of customer needs.

As a Sanwa Soko Group company, Sanso Unyu leverages its high mobility to provide transport services and streamline its business. The transport company has a fleet of liquid transport vehicles, large and small trucks, and many other vehicles to promptly satisfy customer needs, including small-lot transport of various products and bulk transport of chemicals such as hazardous substances, poisonous and deleterious substances and pharmaceutical products. Our hazardous substances transport service in particular is highly evaluated by our customers because experienced professional drivers with expert knowledge are assigned to the job.

Affiliated company profile(As of April 1, 2018)

Company name Sanso Unyu Co.,Ltd
headquarters Tamamaenishi1-4-1 Ichihara Chiba 290-0044 Japan
FAX : +81-436-22-7587
Business Lines 1. Trucking
2. Transportation Business, Transport Agent Business
3. Industrial Waste Processing
4. Misc., business related to the above
Sales Offices 1-4-1, Tamasaki Nishi, Ichihara, Chiba 290-0044, Japan (in the head office)
Fleet: 33 (27 trucks and 6 flatbeds)

Saitama Office
4-884 Onari-cho, Kita-ku, Saitama, Saitama 331-0815, Japan
Fleet: 6 (2 trucks, 3 flatbeds and 1 small-size truck)

Osaka Office
3-13-15, Hino, Daito, Osaka 574-0062, Japan
Fleet: 13 (4 trucks and 9 flatbeds)


Sanso Unyu has a variety of vehicles to provide services suitable for customer needs.

Safety Policy

Sanso Unyu believes that safety has the first priority and takes various measures for this purpose.

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