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Temperature control

Temperature-range control systems to provide high added value

Recently demands for temperature control services are increasing as our customers’ quality control becomes more sophisticated. Our warehouses are controlled in various temperature ranges for hazardous substances, poisonous and deleterious substances and pharmaceutical products.

Temperature control

Our warehouses can store goods at their optimal temperature ranges.

Disaster contingency planning
Our offices with low-temperature or fixed-temperature warehouses have emergency electricity generators.
Storage of temperature records
We measure warehouse temperatures with dedicated devices and retain the records for a certain period of time.

List of temperature ranges supported by Sanwa Soko

We offer warehousing services in the following temperature ranges.

  Hazardous Materials Non-hazardous substances
(poisonous substances and pharmaceutical products)
  Fixed-temperature Low-temperature Fixed-temperature Low-temperature
Sapporo Office        
Omiya Office      
Kawaguchi Office      
Chiba Office    
Yokohama Office  
Kawasaki Office    
Daito Office      
Ibaraki Office    

Information on Sanwa Soko's temperature-controlled warehouses

This is information on Sanwa Soko’s warehouses that can support controlled storage temperatures.
Please contact our Distribution Sales Department first.

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