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Distribution Services

We offer total service from looking for suitable logistics base to loading, unloading,storage,customs clearance,distribution processing,delivery.

Sanwa Soko seeks to provide comprehensive distribution service to offer the optimal distribution system meeting every product feature of our customers. To meet the customers' demand for more streamlined and more efficient distribution system, Sanwa Soko has networked all the distribution centers located along major highways to offer even more convenient distribution services.

Concept Chart of Streamlined Distribution System

Sanwa Soko is fully prepared, in terms of both hardware and software, to meet your demands for a streamlined distribution system in real time.

As a total logistics company, Sanwa Soko seeks to establish a fine and convenient next-generation distribution system in the ever-changing business environment to meet in real time various requests from customers.

  • Hazardous and poisonous substances, pharmaceuticals and general goods can be integrally managed at a single   location.
  • Bonded warehouses in various parts of Japan allow taking in and out cargos with foreign currencies
  • Full-function, integrated bases allow cost reduction of warehousing and transportation.
  • Flexible storing space and labor force are available to meet different workload each day.
  • Daily stock and cargo movement data are integrally managed by networked computer.
Sanwa Soko 3PL System

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